Women 4 Solutions

Women 4 Solutions is a global network of women and men entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs igniting Caring Economy values and integrating them into organizations across all sectors, promoting positive impact and building a more inclusive and regenerative world.

Our Purpose

We are committed to building a Caring Economy, promoting practices within our home and work space.

Be our Partner!

We invite other organizations to be partners of our W4S Certifications and help us in the dissemination of each call. Their logos will appear on our website and they will have the opportunity to participate with their specialized speakers in the editions of their own country. Contact us to know more!

Gender Parity

We organize courses of more than 10 hours focused on women empowerment. We provide best practices and effective self-assessment tools on Gender Parity, corporate sustainability and conflict resolution (NONFLICT).

“Gender Parity & Caring for the environment is good business”

Promotion of the value of the "work of care"

The enhancement of care tasks as a fundamental job within the world economy.

Raise awareness about care for the environment

We promote the construction of an economy with ecological awareness and positive impact on the environment.

High-quality childhood education & "re-skilling"

The importance of high quality education in early childhood and constant training.


Transparency and metric on wellbeing of people And regeneration of planet.


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Gender Parity & NONFLICT Certifications

Courses of more than 10 hours focused on women empowerment. We provide best practices and effective self-assessment tools on Gender Parity, corporate sustainability and conflict resolution (NONFLICT).

We organize certifications in different countries and regions:

People in Gender Parity Certifications

Countries organizing Gender Parity Certifications

Purpose: Caring Economy

Navigating Technology: Mindful Approaches to Children's Social Emotional Development.

Social Emotional Learning: Children and Technology Self-care Tools

Are you constantly worried about the effects of technology on your child's social and emotional development? You're not alone! As our world becomes more technologically advanced, it's crucial for parents and caregivers to ensure that children are using technology in a...
Mary Magdalene: Her Impact during Her Life & After

Mary Magdalene: Her Impact during Her Life & After

A Resurgence of Interest in Early Christian Studies Universities around the world are taking a renewed interest in the study of early Christianity and divinity. Prestigious institutions like Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and Oxford are at the forefront of producing...
Why we need to prioritize wellbeing over growth: Emerging practices

Wellbeing over growth: Emerging practices

Are you tired of the same old approaches to solving the world's problems? Do you believe that there must be a better way to achieve societal and planetary wellbeing? If so, you won't want to miss the this webinar featuring Barbara Bulc, author and founder of Global...

Luis Tineo – Las energías renovables están en deuda con las mujeres profesionales – #W4S – Women4Solutions – Webinar

Orador: Luis Tineo, Líder de Operaciones, Programas y Fondos Globales en el Grupo de Cambio Climático del Banco Mundial. Con más de 20 años de experiencia en esta institución, Luis ha diseñado estrategias de financiamiento y gestionado proyectos de inversión en...

Jennifer Milla – Operando bajo el modelo de Negocios Conscientes – #W4S – Women4Solutions – Webinar

Descripción: Liderar una organización y mantenerse vigente en el mercado se vuelve cada vez más desafiante. Solemos creer que la razón de ser de una empresa es generar utilidades. Pero, ¿qué pensarias si más empresas reconocieran el valor adicional al económico que...

Montessori: a holistic approach to educating young children – #W4S – Women4Solutions – Webinar

Description: Children are our Hope and our Promise for the Future. All children are our children and we must offer them environments at home and at school which will allow them to unfold their full potential as complete, happy and knowlegable human beings. The...

Sofía Garro – Cambio Climático: Desafío y Oportunidad – #W4S – Women4Solutions – Webinar

Descripción: Compartir el modelo del Liderazgo Compasivo con las 9 competencias que deben desarrollar los Líderes Trascendentales - Humanistas. Oradora: Sofía Garro. Ingeniera en sistemas de información, especialista en cambio climático. Fundadora de Almerix,...

Cultivating empathy through video-games using real world statistics – #W4S – Women4Solutions – Webinar

Description: RealLives puts the "face" on global statistical data & indicators from 193 real countries (collected over many years by various global agencies) by using gamification, data analytics, AI & cloud technologies through our proven simulation platform...

A must for the 21 century: sustainability in gender parity and fashion – #W4S – Women4Solutions – Webinar

Description: Princess Ronke Ademiluyi Royalty born to a scion of the royal family, she is the great grand daughter of late Ooni Ajagun Ademiluyi of Ile Ife A law graduate of West London University, who went ahead in 2011 to become the founder of Africa Fashion Week...

Aproximadamente 2400 millones de mujeres en el mundo no tienen los mismos derechos económicos que los hombres

Estimada comunidad de W4S, Queremos compartir con ustedes este informe del Banco Mundial titulado La Mujer, la Empresa y el Derecho 2022, según el cual alrededor de 2400 millones de mujeres en edad de trabajar no tienen igualdad de oportunidades económicas, y...

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