Our mission

We are a global network of women entrepreneurs who advocate for inclusive, regenerative and triple impact businesses. We seek to balance purpose and profits in the markets towards a “Caring Economy” primarily focused on the wellbeing of people and the environment. We trust in the power of Partnerships and collaborate to advance Gender and Climate Action, three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our why

The two burning issues we are facing today, inequality and climate crisis are staggering, and statistics show that “inactivity or passivity” is already costing us and will cost us all a lot more money and suffering. Instead, we should be embarking all together in an authentic sustainable journey. 

In addition, the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda are very close: we only have 10 years left. The need to act for our sons and daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren is clear and URGENT.

We believe that companies and women entrepreneurs have the ability to critically implement positive changes and create a shift for more inclusive, regenerative and triple bottom line economies.

We recognize the need to move beyond words and CHOOSE to act collaboratively with partners (SDG # 17) and measure our positive actions through our businesses with respect to SDG# 5 – Equity of Gender and SDG # 13 – Climate Action.

We need to move beyond the traditional “just for profits’ ‘ business model and move towards business models that value social and environmental performance as much as profit (stakeholder value). 

To reach the 2030 agenda, we propose and influence to incorporate the “Care Economy” in the markets: an economic system in which it is top priority the  genuine caring for people and planet and policies combine the positive elements of both capitalism and socialism.

We already see that our efforts are and will catapult profound changes in ourselves, our families, businesses, governments and society.


With gender diversity we create innovation, opportunities and abundance.

We are responsible for our choices and we must act on behalf of the present and future generations

Only if we work collaboratively for the same goals will we achieve SDGs 2030

Advisory Board


Laura Giadorou Koch
Founder & Chief Engagement Officer
Women 4 Solutions


Caroline D.C Madagow
Grassroots Economics & Green World Campaign Kenya


Jacqui Hocking
CEO of
VS Story


Noha Hefny
Founder & CEO of
People of Impact

North America

Eli Ingraham
SDG Advisor & Systems

Latin America

Jennifer Milla
Consultora, Mentora y Profesora Universidad del Pacífico

Latin America

Andrea Liliana Perez
Fundadora y Directora de Regenera Desarrollo Humano Consciente

Latin America

Teresa Egaña
Fundadora y CEO de


Caterina Dentoni-Litta
Benefit Unit Officer in


Viola Edward
Founder & CEO of
GRIT Academy



Anna Cogo
Benefit Unit Officer


Servane Mouazan
Founder and Managing
Director of


María Belén Barroso


Asha Murphy
Chief Innovation Officer/CEO
of Edu-fy Pty Ltd

Latin America

Andrea Mendez Brandam
Fundadora y Directora de
Noticias Positivas


Partnerships and strategic networks allow us to scale our social and environmental impact.

Join us and choose your 2020 goals

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Chief Engagement Officer
Laura Giadorou Koch


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