Are you tired of the same old approaches to solving the world’s problems? Do you believe that there must be a better way to achieve societal and planetary wellbeing? If so, you won’t want to miss the this webinar featuring Barbara Bulc, author and founder of Global Development and SDG Colab.

Barbara shared her insights on alternative practices and approaches emerging around the world that prioritize wellbeing over growth. As she argues in her recent Financial Times article, the model of infinite economic growth and technological innovation has failed to address the planet’s multiple crises. Instead, we need to re-evaluate and create alternatives that are bottom-up, collaborative, and inclusive.

Bulc’s work is inspired by her role as a “social chemist,” someone who brings diverse individuals and ideas together to create something new and transformative. During this webinar, she shares how she came to do this work and the importance of finding each other to create change.

But perhaps most importantly, she addresses the daunting challenge of making this shift happen. How can we move away from conventional thinking and top-down management to create a more just and sustainable world? What are the most important steps we can take to achieve this vision?