Our Mission
We are a global network of women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs igniting Caring Economy values and integrating them into organizations across all sectors, promoting positive impact and building a more inclusive and regenerative world.

We focus on delivering simple, effective and scalable solutions according to the four (4) pillars of the Caring Economy to make visible and valuable:

  1. The care for the environment. 
  2. The “work of care”.
  3. The importance of high-quality early childhood education & “re-skilling”.
  4. Accountability: transparency and metric on wellbeing of people And regeneration of planet.

We are committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a focus on numbers 5 (Gender Equality), 13 (Climate Action) and 17 (Partnerships).

Our Vision
Co-creating the Caring Economy to build a more inclusive and regenerative society.
Our Values
Awareness, Advocacy, Abundance, Action-oriented, Collaboration, Co-creation, Care, Responsibility.
  • Be Aware: Through our webinars, we engage members in direct dialogue with thought leaders and changemakers toward the Caring Economy.
  • Be Abundant: Through Networking, Partnership & Collaborative Actions, we facilitate connections to increase our impact toward the Caring Economy.
  • Be Active: Through our goal to create awareness, and inspire action we remain committed to utilizing standard tools and sharing business results, engaging in collaborative projects, and activating positive change.  We  support enterprises to address sustainable strategies, gender parity using simple and effective tools. We also create awareness and certify women and men in personal and professional development tools.
Our How 

We achieve our purpose by activating and scaling proven and effective solutions of positive impact for the wellness of people and the regeneration of our planet: 

#w4s WEBINARS: virtual, weekly and free 60-minutes inspiring and action oriented presentations and dialogues in English, Spanish, Portuguese & Italian. All webinars are recorded and available on our website.

#w4s CERTIFICATIONS: courses of more than 10 hours focused on women empowerment. We provide best practices and effective self-assessment tools on Gender Parity, corporate sustainability and conflict resolution (NONFLICT).

#w4s WORKSHOPS: seminars that seek to develop innovations on inner-well-being of people and regeneration of the environment. We support the trainers/coaches in the marketing and dissemination of these workshops focused on the caring economy. 

#w4s NETWORKING: (in-person and virtual) Local, regional, and international co-creation spaces to work on our purpose under innovative modalities based on collective intelligence to create concrete and measurable actions with respect to the gender and climate agenda.

#w4s COLLABORATIVE ACTIONS: to disseminate scalable, simple and concrete solutions that promote the Caring Economy locally, regionally and internationally.

“Imaginal Cells”

Imaginal cells have the vision of the butterfly in their DNA. They emit a frequency and find each other so they can cluster, collaborate, and then multiply to create a beautiful butterfly” ~ Kim Polman ~

These cells, which exist in the caterpillar sharing the same DNA, are responsible for turning the caterpillar into a butterfly. Inside the caterpillar tissue, the imaginal cells vibrate, connect and collaborate with the same frequency to access the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly.

Women 4 Solutions is a network that literally acts as imaginal cells, connecting and co-creating positive impact with the vision of mobilizing towards a Care Economy. Hence our butterfly logo.

Advisory Board


Laura Giadorou Koch
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Women 4 Solutions



Caroline D.C Madagow
Grassroots Economics & Green World Campaign Kenya


Jacqui Hocking
CEO of
VS Story


Noha Hefny
Founder & CEO of
People of Impact

North America

Eli Ingraham
SDG Advisor & Systems

Latin America

Jennifer Milla
Consultora, Mentora y Profesora Universidad del Pacífico

Latin America

Andrea Liliana Perez
Fundadora y Directora de Regenera Desarrollo Humano Consciente

Latin America

Teresa Egaña
Fundadora y CEO de


Mirna Gonzalez
Creadora de Teatro Insight

y Co-Fundadora de Artesa



Caterina Dentoni-Litta
Benefit Unit Officer in


Viola Edward
Founder & CEO of
GRIT Academy



Asha Murphy
Chief Innovation Officer/CEO
of Edu-fy Pty Ltd



María Belén Barroso


Anna Cogo
Benefit Unit Officer

Latin America

Andrea Mendez Brandam
Fundadora y Directora de
Noticias Positivas


Servane Mouazan
Founder and Managing
Director of


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Founder & CEO
Laura Giadorou Koch