Impact Report


Impact Report

Co-creating the Caring Economy to build a more inclusive and regenerative society.

2020 and 2021 have been years of enormous challenges. We had to stop, observe and reflect on what really matters. Many of us at W4S decided to transform these challenges into opportunities to reinvent ourselves personally, within our families, in our businesses and our communities. COVID-
19 presented us with valuable lessons that encouraged us to think differently, to transform our interior to be more creative and build a more supportive society.

Numerous studies show that companies are beginning to shift from purely profit-driven goals to those that prioritize people and the planet.
Consumers maintain their preference for sustainable and fair trade products and services. Additionally, leadership is shifting to a mentoring approach.

“Not only teachers, mothers or fathers can be mentors, but also executives of large companies.”
We believe that all women will understand and be proud of the importance of taking on the role of mentor or seeking guidance from others in their work. Mentoring begins in every family, business, and community.

Real Impact with Great Advances

During these complex and uncertain times, W4S fulfilled its mission to provide inspiring talks, tools and best practices that educated and inspired others about the care economy. Some of our highlights for 2020 and 2021 include:

Impact Report

2020 – 2021

Impact Report


Impact Report



Impact Report



#W4S Organization

Rebranded as Women 4 Solutions with a new logo symbolizing the “imaginal” cells that we W4S become by enabling us to find solutions by becoming more aware or conscious to adapt to the continuous changes of our world.


We organized 129 free Webinars for more than 19,432 people. You can access the recording here.

#W4S networking

Hosted 21 live Networking events with over 1200 women and men participating and over 20 online networking events with hundred participants.


#W4S Workshops

Hosted 8 Workshops on women empowerment with over a hundred participants.


#W4S Certifications

7 Certifications: Gender Parity towards a Caring Economy with over 3,000 registrants in Ecuador, Argentina, Europe, Pakistan, Equatorial Guinea, Chile, India and Central America.


#W4S Articles

We promote more than 10 articles of interest.

We promote several articles in SPANISH (click here) and ENGLISH (click here) about the Care Economy.

#W4S public talks

Delivered 36 public talks on the Caring Economy in spanish, english and italian globaley from Mongolia, Pakistan, Latin America, Africa and Europe.


#W4S WhatsApp

Created 45 WhatsApp groups in 36 counties with over 1,300 members.


#W4S publications

Connected as “imaginal cells” to co-create and re-imagine our future and shared 100s of posts on gender parity, CSR, Triple Bottom Line and personal development.


#W4S ON Women

Partnered with UN Women on Gender Parity Tools and Best Practices.


#W4S & Million Peacemakers

Partnered with Million Peacemakers to certify +48 NONFLICT coaches.

#W4S videos

We launched “5 minute” viral videos that garnered thousands of views.

We generated a video on Preventing Domestic Violence during the COVID-19 Pandemic, which was viewed by hundreds of people.

#W4S Italia

We launched W4S Italia (BWomen Italia) with more than 200 people in Rome and Milan.

Women 4 Solutions Italia was featured in Natural Styles magazine.

We are a global network of women and men entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs who promote the values ​​of the Care Economy in their families, communities and organizations, generating positive impact and building a more inclusive and regenerative world.

We scale sim solutionsWe are especially grateful to the 2020 Advisory Board, who generously shared their ideas since our inception: María Belén Barroso (Europe), Anna Cogo (Europe), Servane Mouazan (Europe), Jacqui Hocking (Asia), Asha Murphy (Oceanea), Caroline DC Madagow (Africa), Andrea Mendez Brandam (LatAm), Jennifer Milla (LatAm), Daniela Cox (LatAm), Eli Ingraham (United States / Canada).

Also to our W4S 2021 Advisory Board: Caterina Dentoni-Litta (Europe), Viola Edward (Europe), Noha Hefny (Asia), Jacqui Hocking (Asia), Eli Ingraham (USA/Canada), Caroline DC Madagow ( Africa), Teresa Egaña (Latin America), Jennifer Milla (Latin America) and Andrea Liliana Perez (Latin America).
Currently our main objective is to promote Gender Parity throughout the world. We know that this is the only way to achieve a care economy. On the following pages you will find detailed information about the highlights we shared above.

Please contact us if you are interested or need more information on any topic.

To solve we need to evolve.


Laura Giadorou Koch, Founder & CEO of W4S plenty and effective solutions focused on the four (4) pillars of the Care Economy which include: 1. Caring for the environment; 2. The “care work” of people; 3. The importance of high-quality education from early childhood and constant training (re-skilling); and 4. transparency and metrics of people’s well-being and care of the planet.

We trust in the power of Alliances, focusing on the Gender Equity and Climate Action agendas, 3 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Our Caring Economy Partners:




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