2019-2020 Annual

Impact Report 

Co-creating the Caring Economy to build a more inclusive and regenerative society.

Dear W4S community,

2020, was a year of enormous challenges. It made all of us stop, observe, and reflect on what really matters. Many of us at W4S decided to transform these challenges into opportunities that re-imagined our personal lives, our families, our businesses, and our communities. COVID-19 presented us with valuable lessons that encouraged us to think differently, to re-invent our innerselves, and to get more creative about activating a more caring society.

One of 2020’s silver linings surfaced in the numerous studies showing that businesses were beginning to shift from profit-only mandates to those that prioritized people and planet. Consumers continued asserting their preference for sustainable, fair-trade products and services. COVID-19 defined the 21st Century as a time of accelerated transformation, moving from “shareholder” to “stakeholder” values, catapulting society into a more responsible, inclusive ecosystem for all.

About us

Women 4 Solutions is a global network of women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs igniting Caring Economy values and integrating them into organizations across all sectors, promoting positive impact and building a more inclusive and regenerative world.

We deliver simple, effective, and scalable solutions based on the four (4) pillars of the Caring Economy. These pillars focus on making  visible and valuable: 1. The care for the environment; 2. The “work of care” for people; 3. The importance of high-quality early childhood education & “re-skilling”: and 4. The transparency & metrics of people’s well-being & regeneration of the environment. 

We are committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a focus on numbers 5 (Gender Equality), 13 (Climate Action), and 17 (Partnerships).

During these complex and uncertain times, W4S delivered on its mission to provide inspiring talks, tools, and best practices that educated and inspired others on the Caring Economy. Some of our highlights include:

  • Renamed and rebranded as Women 4 Solutions from B Women Solutions.
  • Hosted 114 free webinars for over 9,000 registrants, recording acessible here.
  • Hosted 17 live Networking events with 900+ women.
  • Hosted 6 Workshops & 3 Certifications with over 300 registrants.
  • Promoted in more than 10 feature articles.
  • Delivered 28 public talks on the Caring Economy.
  • Created 43 WhatsApp groups in 30 counties with 1,000+ members.
  • Connected as “imaginal cells” to co-create and re-imagine our future and shared 100s of posts on gender parity, CSR, and personal development.
  • Partnered with UN Women on Gender Parity Tools and Best Practices.
  • Partnered with Million Peacemakers to certify NONFLICT coaches.
  • Launched “5 minute” impact videos that garnered thousands of views.
  • Produced a video on Prevention of domestic violence during COVID.
  • Launched W4S Italy Chapter (BWomen Italy) with 200+ in Rome/Milan.
  • Featured BWomen Italy in Natural Styles Magazine.
  • Published ebook on year-long study of W4S members using Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment (by Andrea Perez, W4S Board Member)
We are especially grateful to the 2020 Advisory Board that led many ideas to inception: María Belén Barroso (Europe), Anna Cogo (Europe), Servane Mouazan (Europe), Jacqui Hocking (Asia), Asha Murphy (Oceanea), Caroline D.C Madagow (Africa), Andrea Mendez Brandam (LatAm), Jennifer Milla (LatAm), Daniela Cox (LatAm), Eli Ingraham (USA/Canada). Several have transitioned to our W4S Council at the end of 2020.

We welcome our 2021 W4S Advisory Board: Caterina Dentoni-Litta (Europe), Viola Edward (Europe), Noha Hefny (Asia), Jacqui Hocking (Asia), Eli Ingraham (USA/Canada), Caroline D.C Madagow (Africa), Teresa Egaña (Latin America), Jennifer Milla (Latin America) and Andrea Liliana Perez (Latin America).

We would like to acknowledge the incredible work of Belen Barroso and Alejandro Alvarez Nobell, co founders of Cronopios) who managed our communication efforts during the initial stages of W4S. We also want to recognize the invaluable support from Eli Ingraham and Servane Mouazan in governance and strategy.

In gratitude,

Laura Giadorou Koch, Founder & CEO of W4S

2020 Impact toward a more Caring Economy

W4S hosted 114 weekly 60-minutes inspirational talks and training on re-imagining our future towards a more Caring Economy. Webinars were in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian with a total of 9,875 registrations. Recordings are available on the Women 4 Solutions YouTube Channel.

Our Complete Webinar Archive is available on the W4S website organized by date. We salute and thank all the speakers for sharing their wisdom and insights that provided food for thought and encouraged dialogue and actions in support of the Caring Economy.

Intensive courses of more than 10 hours focused on providing women with tools for personal & professional development that include best practices and effective self-assessment tools to achieve gender parity, corporate sustainability, and conflict resolution strategies. During 2020 we organized 3 online Certifications:

  • 279 Ecuadorian entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs participated in a 20-hour virtual W4S Certification on Gender Parity and Introduction to the Women Empowering Principles. See details here.
  • 56 professional Latin American women completed a 40-hour Gender Parity Certification in collaboration with UN Women. See details here.
  • 26 men and women trained to become official Nonflict Certified Coaches. Nonflict is a three step effective conflict resolution methodology. See details here.
Participants develop innovative skills for personal well-being and caring for the environment. W4S supported the marketing and dissemination of seminars by highly trained professionals who promoted the values of the Caring Economy. During 2020, W4S organized 10 Inner Wellness Workshops teaching key skills to cope with COVID-induced “isolation.” Click Here to see our future Workshops for 2021.
W4S organized local, regional, and international co-creation opportunities (live and virtual) to build the Caring Economy through innovative large group dialogue modalities such as the “World Cafe.”  In these events, we promoted collaboration, conversation, and reaching our goals based on collective intelligence aimed at generating  concrete and measurable actions on gender and climate agenda.

Since September 2019, W4S organized “World Cafe” events in 17 different cities with 863 women participating in person. The largest events took place in Mendoza, Buenos Aires, NY, Toronto, Singapore, Rome, Milan, and Geneva.

In these meetings, attendees identified the two key imperatives that should guide our W4S mission: Global Gender Parity (SDG#5) and Climate Change (SDG#13).

Based on these findings, more than 300 women members of W4S put in writing their 2020 Goals and created specific actions to reach these objectives. W4S believes that clear, written goals help us focus on what we think, say, and act on these matters. Following these 17 meetings, the majority of W4S members remain committed to co-create initiatives in furtherance of the Caring Economy with specific actions. Today, we host  43 very active W4S WhatsApp groups in 32 countries that were created following these in preson meetings.

W4S promotes simple and scalable solutions through collaboration to co-create the Caring Economy at local, regional, and international levels. During 2020 we worked in partership with more than 28 organizations, training centers, companies, and public figures to further our mission.

W4S Board Members gave numerous presentations in 28 International Conferences on the Caring Economy and its 4 pillars. These presentations took the form of online Keynote speeches for an audience in Mongolia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Argentina, Chipre, Mexico, Ecuador, India, Peru, and several European countries.

W4S was invited to give these Caring Economy talks by: The Center for Partnership Studies (Riane Eisler), Vital Voices Argentina, UN Women, ONU Mujeres, GRIT Academy, SKOLL World Forum, Hecho x Nosotros, OXFAM,  BET Universidad de México, A2 Venezuela, Noticias Positivas, Creative Women, Radio Construcción de La Paz, Red de Mujeres de Mendoza, ESG Forum, UBA Universidad de Buenos Aires, Horasis Global Community and the Congreso Internacional – Actualidad, estrategias y retos de los ODS 2030 en Latam.

E-book. W4S Board members Andrea Pérez, CEO of Regenera Desarrollo Humano Consciente® and the Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment tool conducted a research to understand dominant leadership styles in women who lead triple impact organizations. 52 W4S female entrepreneurs, business women, and intra/entrepreneurs who lead B Certified companies or Triple Impact management models, representatives from 9 countries (Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, USA, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) participated. E-Book in English and Spanish can be downlodes here.

PhD research. During the period March to June 2020, Women 4 Solutions supported the field work of María Belén Barroso’s Doctoral Thesis, Communications Department, University of Malaga (Spain). This research was aimed at analyzing the nature of public relations in sustainable tripple bottome line businesses.

Bachelor degree research. During the period June to November 2020, Women 4 Solutions supported the development of the field work of Sabrina Sánchez Vergara’s Bachelor Thesis within the Institutional Communications at Universidad Blas Pascal (Argentina).

Expected in 2021

Te invitamos a unirte a nosotros en co-crear iniciativas sobre la Economía del Cuidado, generando espacios de diálogo, debate y acciones focalizadas en ODS#5, ODS#13 y ODS#17. Por ejemplo, estamos organizando 10 certificaciones en Pakistán, Nigeria, Centroamérica, Guinea Ecuatorial (África), Europa, Argentina, Chile, Perú, Uruguay y Paraguay sobre Paridad de Género hacia una Economía del Cuidado© para 2021.

Queremos compartirte nuestro #w4sJOURNEY para 2021, una reflexión guiada que nos ayudará a proponer metas medibles y concretas para lograr el progreso personal, comercial y comunitario en este nuevo año.

Soñemos en grande para el 2021 y empecemos el nuevo año con una actitud positiva y con nuestro “Rito de Empoderamiento W4S“:


  • Espalda y hombros erguidos.
  • Levantamos el mentón y observamos los ojos que brillan de entusiasmo y alegría.
  • Ofrezcamos una GRAN SONRISA al año que comienza e inspiremos a todos a nuestro lado.
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