Sharing Laura Giadorou Koch’s article “What is Normal? Are We Shifting to a Caring Economy?” in the November 2020 online issue of Business Fit Magazine.

In this comprehensive article, Koch highlights the work of Riane Eisler, specifically four foundational aspects of a caring economy:

1. To value and make visible caring for the environment
2. To value and make visible the work of care
3. To invest in the development of early childhood education: our most important asset
4. To pursue transparency and metrics in the Caring Economy: changing our measures of economic health

Koch points out that GDP “…fails to include as productive the care work in households despite studies showing that if this work were included it would represent between 20% to 50% of GDP. Not included is the social and community caring work which most of the time is for free and gives value to society. Riane Eisler Social Wealth Economic Indicators (now the Social Wealth Index or SWI) is a good alternative to authentically evaluate a nation’s prosperity”.

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