The Nomadic Mindset is a leadership book for adventurous, courageous and bold leaders. It is based on harvesting the ancient wisdom, qualities and mindset of nomadic cultures as a way to lead successful engaged organizations. The webinar will cover the key characteristics of leading with a nomadic mindset and how it can contribute to more inclusive and balanced societies.

Kevin Cottam, is Canadian and a TEDx and Global Nomad Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and author, who has currently journeyed the globe and specifically, Mongolia, Kenya and Morocco researching the ancient leadership wisdom of nomads to find what is ‘The Nomadic Mindset’. He combines the qualities of this mindset with executive conversations in his fresh new story driven and case study leadership book, The Nomadic Mindset… Never Settle for Too Long”. His image filled stories and concrete learning take you on an inspirational and transformative journey.