The Nomadic Mindset is a leadership book that takes inspiration from the ancient wisdom and qualities of nomadic cultures. Written by Kevin Cottam, a Canadian TEDx and Global Nomad Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, and author, the book is based on the research he conducted while traveling the globe, specifically in Mongolia, Kenya, and Morocco.

The book, titled The Nomadic Mindset… Never Settle for Too Long” explores the key characteristics of leading with a nomadic mindset and how it can contribute to more inclusive and balanced societies. Kevin combines the unique qualities of this mindset with executive conversations, providing a fresh and story-driven perspective on leadership.

The book is filled with inspiring and transformative stories, accompanied by concrete learning opportunities, making it an ideal choice for adventurous, courageous and bold leaders. Through this book, readers will gain a deeper understanding of the nomadic mindset and how it can be applied to their organizations and communities to achieve success and engagement.

Join Kevin for the webinar, where he will delve deeper into the nomadic mindset and the key characteristics of leading with it. Get ready to embark on an inspirational and transformative journey that will change the way you think about leadership.