Webinar – 5 Science-Based Tools to Enrich Relationships during Lockdown

Webinar – 5 Science-Based Tools to Enrich Relationships during Lockdown

By Darya Haitoglou, CEO of ENRICH GLOBAL (Psychologist, Award-Winning Relationship Coach)

May 29th, 2020 – #BWomenDialogues

About the topic

How to thrive and cope with stress during lockdown? How to enrich relationships with loved ones who are too close or too far? Learn practical and effective evidence-based tools from a leading and award-winning Cambridge Psychologist who helped leaders from such companies and organisations as Google, P&G, Coty, Microsoft, BP, Sony, Rolls-Royce, UN, E&Y, HSBC, Harvard Business School and more.  In this practical and experiential webinar, Darya will share scientifically-proven tools and psychological tricks that can help you not only survive but thrive during a lockdown.

About Darya Haitoglou

Darya Haitoglou, a Cambridge University Graduate, is a Leading Psychologist, an Award-Winning Relationship Expert, NLP Master Trainer, Executive Coach (PCC), Certified Trainer in Strategic Interventions for Personal and Business Growth. 

Darya is a founder of Enrich Global, organisation that creates multi-dimensional transformations for elite leaders and influencers. Throughout her experience of working with high-profile families and individuals as well as being a leader in multinational companies, she has found a simple way of helping people create and enrich their relationships and change the way they deal with stress. She is an author of a best-selling Enrich Your Relationships Programme, contributor to the Huffington Post and an expert guest on BBC radio shows. Her mission is to help create more love-rich and blame-free families & individuals.  www.daryahaitoglou.com

Darya is a Director of Satir Institute in the UK that provides workshops and trainings to individuals, couples, organisations and families, providing systemic counselling and psychological support to orphanages and non-profit educational organisations in non-privileged parts of the world. www.virginiasatir.co.uk . Darya’s list of past workshops includes the following locations (16 countries) and topics (from Stress to Relationships).


This cycle of videoconferences is organized by the B Women Solutions movement. A global network of Changemakers Co-creating a platform for the Caring Economy focusing on Gender and Climate Action.

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