Webinar – Driving financial growth and human evolution beyond male-made tools

Webinar – Driving financial growth and human evolution beyond male-made tools

By Heidi Therese Dangelmaier  PhD MIT/Princeton – Founder & CEO of GIRLAPPROVED
Moderator: Laura Schwieterman. BAYER, Global Head of Innovation & Growth
January 30th 2020 #BWomenDialogues

This is a “Rally-Cry” to action for women to become: explorers, pioneers, and entrepreneurs and ignite the next frontier of human liberation and evolution… this is a webinar about innovation ideas to on how to drive financial growth, cultural progress and human potential beyond the man-made tools and truths. 

BACKSTORY.  For the past 5,000 years, when it came to females establishing our identities, and navigating our worth, roles and influence in culture we have defaulted to male-made systems. From what is rational, valuable, to what is to what is scientifically knowable and true, we women have solely relied on men’s dictates.  To be very clear, what we mean by man-made is beliefs, ideologies, processes and inventions that were conceived endorsed, and deployed by a man’s intellectual technology-the male mind. ENTER GirlApporved. +12 years ago, Heidi Dangelmaier quit her successful enterprise tech company, and partnered with over 2,500 gen z female artist and scientist.  She was the first all-girl team to systematically explore the organic potential of the female mind, and to use that to challenge and expand the limits of the male-alone made paradigms. The fundamental mistake of feminism was feminism was to assume the male and female mind were the same technology.

WHAT DID GirlApporved PROVE: That women are all far smarter than we have been told or believe. There is growth everywhere, in everyone and in everything – but we can’t grow anymore using man-alone made technology. GirlApproved’s 2020 gift to all of humanity is the missing “growth-tools” to drive the expansion of human potential: an abundance of freedom, creativity & intelligence that is our birthright. When the female mind is activated a new game starts, one in which everyone and everything is working in collaboration to the evolutionary betterment of all: economically, individually, socially, culturally. Let the win- win-win-wins begin. 

Heidi Dangelmaier’s work with 2,500 girls made them win the MITs future of AI Intelligence Award, proving that it is human technology, and not digital technology that will drive positive human evolution rather than further collapse our planet.  

*Check out her TEDX TALK 


Women and men entrepreneurs from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America participated in this webinar. This cycle of videoconferences is organized by the B Women movement. A global network of women entrepreneurs that advocate for inclusive, regenerative and triple bottom-line economies that trust in the power of  partnerships and collaborate to advance gender equality and climate change agendas, three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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