We ALL have the potential to become #changemakers for the #CareEconomy in this crisis; to spread love and scale #PositiveImpact.

We must advocate for a more inclusive & regenerative economy — a new economic system — which cares for all and protects our planetary biodiversity. 

Through the power of connection; it’s possible. 

 “We can never go back to normal; because normal was precisely  the problem.” 

This story was put together by Jacqui Hocking from the voices of #BWomen around the world. 

Sabine Schwind von Egelstein | Vivina Berla | Lubna Dajani | Antje Spiertz | Carolina Barona M. | Carolin Barr K. | Asha Murphy | Davina H. | Aparna Saxena | Paula Jares Cánovas | Mercedes Martin Sepúlveda | Nala & Priya | Elizabeth Soubelet | María Belén Barroso | fLaura Giadorou Koch 

Thank you so much all of you for this inspiring message! 

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#stayathome #covid19