Recording #bwsWEBINAR | An accounting revolution: can eco-feminism save the planet?

Recording #bwsWEBINAR | An accounting revolution: can eco-feminism save the planet?

By Delphine Gibassier, Associate Professor of Accounting for Sustainable Development/  Director of International Research Centre “Multi-Capital Integrated Performance”
Moderator: Laura Palmeiro,Senior Advisor, UN Global Compact 
June 29th, 2020

About the topic

Some say that accounting cannot be “greened” as it is deeply structured and embedded into a masculine and neo-liberal society. I posit that ecofeminism could become a driving force behind the next generation of new accountings for sustainable development. Reviewing all the academic literature on eco-feminism, feminism & accounting, I propose ways to develop a different accounting for sustainable development, and connect it back to practice. 

About Delphine Gibassier

She is an associate professor at Audencia Business School with 18 years’ experience in non-financial accounting & reporting. She researches in accounting for sustainable development and have an expertise in academia, practice and policy-making. I work and have worked with the UN Global Compact, the IIRC, WBCSD, R3.0 and CDSB, as well as the French government on carbon accounting and integrated reporting. In practice, She has developed carbon accounting, SDG accounting and integrated reporting for large companies and SMEs.  She is also associate editor of Sustainability, Accounting, Management and Policy Journal.


This cycle of videoconferences is organized by the B Women Solutions (BWS) movement. A global network of Changemakers Co-creating a platform for the Caring Economy focusing on Gender and Climate Action.

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