Relazione annuale sull’impatto – BWomen Italy

Relazione annuale sull’impatto – BWomen Italy

Un anno speciale, un anno diverso, un anno inaspettato e stravolgente che vogliamo ricordare anche come il nostro primo anno insieme. Un grazie di cuore a tutte voi, con i nostri migliori auguri di buon anno, non vediamo l’ora di rivederci per continuare a lavorare...


June 2021 - High Quality Education from Early Childhood
May 2021 - Nomadic Mindset is needed in a pandemic world!
April 2021 - A GIFT for our community!
March 2021 - Annual Impact Report
January 2021 - Year End Gift! - 2021: our year of trasformation!
December 2020 - Let’s live the Caring Economy!
November 2020 - International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
October 2020 - BWomenSolutions becomes Women 4 Solutions

September 2020 - What is the Caring Economy?
August 2020 - #bws Inner Wellness: our only constant in complex times

June 2020 - “New logo: Always evolving"

July 2020 - "Has COVID 19 ignited our GLOBAL Collaboration?"

May 2020 - “ The new normality: Co-create"

HELLO! How can we co-create?

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Chief Engagement Officer
Laura Giadorou Koch


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Co-creating Caring Economy.