META SHAKTI: Reclaiming our feminine receptivity in a constantly expanding Metaverse – #W4S – Women4Solutions – Webinar


We live in the time of acceleration and digital saturation – daily bombarded by the increasing demands of a virtual world and a pressing to-do-list. The digital saturation is currently exacerbated by a turbulent and unsafe COVID reality. How do we stay connected to source, aligned with spirit and soul-centered? How do we balance in a state of perpetual flux?

The answer is simple: by honing a daily ritual of intention, well-being, and gratitude. The ancient yogis called it Sadhana or simply – practice. The practice carves time and space for us to sit with ourselves, to breathe, to move while becoming aware and available to the immediacy of each moment.

Meta Shakti is a spiritual practice uniquely crafted for the modern women – empowered by the gift of nurturance and anchored in their soul purpose. It is a movement from reactivity to responsiveness.

Metta is the sacred space of transcending the mental constructs of duality that divide us in our 3 D reality. It is a quantum leap into the subtle realm of the Metaverse where infinite possibility abounds.

Shakti is a state of bliss attained when our creative energy is harnessed and channeled into conscious action.

Let us take action and immerse ourselves into a one-hour exploration into our feminine blueprint as we combine practical tools from yoga with pagan wisdom and somatic self-inquiry.

We will learn how balance our glands, how to invoke our muse, how to set our intention and magnetize our desires and how thrive in sheer joy through yoga, sacred dance and devotional affirmations.

…So we can honor our kin, so we can spread our magic, so we can share our insight to make this world a better place!


Antonia Katrandjieva is an award-winning physical theater scholar, choreographer, and senior yoga teacher with more than 30 years of international academic, directing and performing experience. She is the author of Trends of contemporary dance and theater, & Intuitive gesture – a manual for training contemporary dancers, as well as numerous articles on dance and theater published in national and international art & culture magazines and journals.

She is currently correspondent of Theater Dance Magazine and Artistic Director of Overground Physical Theater” – a New York based experimental dance troop. She holds a BA in Theater, an MA in Theater Directing & Choreography, a Ph.D & D.Sc. in Dance Theater, and is a graduate of Zurich Tanz Theater Akademie, in Switzerland.

Antonia has travelled, lectured and researched dance and theatre traditions in Asia, South America, North Africa, Europe and the U.S., and has directed and performed her groundbreaking works at dance and theatre festivals across the globe.

In the evolving Yoga Space Yogini alchemist Antonia is known for her cutting-edge creations both on the stage and on the mat, combining Western and Eastern healing practices with traditional yoga to create a series of yoga sequences and poses that benefit both the body and mind.

Harvesting her experiences to bring a new fresh form of yoga into fruition she is a cross-pollinator of disciplines, ideologies, practices and thought processes.

Her holistic vision as a yogini, and her body wisdom as a choreographer weave her boutique teaching style that is always inspiring and fresh. Antonia loves to nurture her students into pursuing their passions and building their wildest visions and dreams.

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