Description:Please join us for this 90 minute webinar introducing critical lenses for exploring and understanding forms of racism; and how race, place and class influence desired outcomes. Participants are invited to consider existing, embedded practices of racism and inequity as a part of a process for addressing racial inequity within organizations and communities, clearing pathways for building anti-racism into organizational practices and policies. We hope you’ll join us as we examine nuanced issues, obstacles and behaviors that affect every level of engagement and influence outcomes.

Speaker: Marisa Zalabak, Open Channel Culture.
Marisa Zalabak, MA, is an Author, Educational Psychologist, Public Speaker, Researcher, Social Justice Activist, and Leadership consultant for Organizational Culture. A specialist in social-emotional intelligence, creative thinking, wellness, conflict mediation, diversity-equity-bias education, and restorative practices, she has trained thousands of professionals across sectors in business, education, and mental health organizations and institutions. As a contributor to setting new ethical standards for well-being for the development of Artificial Intelligence, her passion lies in exploring the potential for humans to flourish as we meet current and future challenges with compassion, curiosity, optimism, creativity, and joy. Her work is dedicated to increasing equity and well-being for humanity and the planet.