I will motivate your staff to achieve your ultimate business objective: Attracting & retaining more customers.

Speaker: Mohamed Isa is an International Award-Winning Bahraini Speaker & Amazon´s Best Selling Author. He startes his career at Unilever. Then, a member of an executive team that took a startup company fron $63 million to $528 million in just four years!

Moderator Viola Edward, CEO, Co-founder-owner of GRIT Academy, author, multi-awarded personal & corporate Advisor. Transcultural Psychotherapist, Trainer of Breathwork & Mentoring, Social Entrepreneur & philanthropist. Partner of Creative Women Platform. Co-creator of the BQ- Breath Intelligence. Committed with the creation of sustainable society since 1993. Viola sits on the boards of several NGO’s including Women 4 Solutions and serves as ambassador for Human Rights and Gender Equity. Ally of Women Empowering Principales-WEPs of ONU Women.