There is a specially designed education approach called «Pedagogy of Love», that author have been developing for the last thirty years. This approach is sinergy of both – constant upbringing and education process. The novelty of Love Pedagogy is the integration of therapeutical methods applied in the pedagogical process of a child, thus boosting self – confidence in creating personality of a talanted and sound child, at the time healing those with mental and psychological problems. The aproach results in the transformation of personality.

In this approach we organize children studing and upbringing procesis, develop intelect in it’s multiayered levels – emotionality, spirituality, racional, musical, artistic, motional, verbal, mathematical intellect. The core of the Pedagogy of Love and regenerate the child’s initiative and leader potential.

Ina Grasmane, Director and outhor of programm «Pedagogy of Love». Psychologist – now doctoral student, leader of direction of psychological counseling – pastoral psychology counseling in Latvia , director of school «Home of Love», author of various therapeutic programs for women and children.