Description: Gemm Learning provides on-line, home-based learning and reading software with remote educator guidance. Using the evidence-based, adaptive neuroscience program called Fast ForWord, we help children, teenagers and adults develop and strengthen the cognitive skills necessary to improve language, literacy, and other academic competencies.

Delphine (Deli) Marden has been with Gemm Learning for 13 years and is the Director of Education. As a child, Deli was diagnosed with dyslexia and auditory processing disorder and knows firsthand the challenges that many students face when learning to read. This experience laid the groundwork for Deli to pursue a Masters in Education and advocate for students who face similar academic obstacles. She is able to provide a unique perspective to our families and example to our students that with the right approach, they will improve. Deli coaches her daughter’s youth soccer team and spends the rest of her free time outside with her family and the pets.