First B Women Europe Networking in the Netherlands

On September 22 in Amsterdam, one day before the B Corp Summit 2019, more than 50 women entrepreneurs who make up the B Women Europe network gathered to work through the “World Café” methodology on the climate crisis, gender equality and the B Corp movement.

Women entrepreneurs (and also men) from the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Scotland, England, Poland, France, Turkey, Holland, Deutschland and Denmark, among others, participated in the meeting. Some of the companies represented were Danone, Nativa, B
Lab Europe, RH Performances and Imece.

The work of B Women, led by Laura Giadorou Koch, senior advisor of the Ashoka Foundation, lawyer, member of the Board “Million peacemakers” and leader of B Women Global, will continue to raise awareness, network, weekly webinars, promote good sustainability practices and develop collaborative projects among women entrepreneurs locally and globally.

Postcards of the meeting
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