Description: We’re being faced by the challenges of our time – man-made financial, societal and environmental crises – that seem to get worse. Many people feel angry today – angry that pandemics are spreading like wild-fire, that waste is polluting our oceans, that the gap between rich and poor gets wider.

Anger is like gasoline. If you spray it out over people and then light a match, there will be an inferno. People will get hurt. But if you put it in your engine, as a fuel contained in a carburettor, it can drive you forward. It can enable you to pick yourself up when everything seems wrong. So, I shall take us through some trusted ways to remain aware of our anger, constantly keeping it inside, and constantly cleaning it. By that I mean watching carefully to see that the anger is not personalised, that it is not directed at an individual, but at an action, at some wrong that is being done. I look forward to transforming anger with you.

Dr Scilla Elworthy, Business Plan for Peace.
Three times Nobel Peace Prize nominee for her work with Oxford Research Group to develop effective dialogue between nuclear weapons policy-makers worldwide and their critics. She now leads The Business Plan for Peace to help prevent violent conflict and build sustainable peace throughout the world, because it is possible; based on her latest books The Business Plan for Peace: Building a World Without War (2017) and The Mighty Heart: how to transform conflict (2020). Scilla founded Peace Direct in 2002 to fund, promote and learn from local peace-builders in conflict areas, was awarded the Niwano Peace Prize in 2003 and advised Peter Gabriel, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Sir Richard Branson in setting up ‘The Elders’. Her TED talk on nonviolence has been viewed by over 1,500,000 people.