B Women Networking in TORONTO (Canada)

On March 10th in Toronto, Canada we had joint WeTheChange and B Women Solutions event to celebrate the closing of the two days 2020 SheEO Summit. ENTERTAINMENT ONE opened their door to host the event giving us a very warm welcome and support by the leads of B Women Toronto: Caroline Throop, Rebecca Sharp, Penelope Friedman and Kim Fuller.  

We hosted close to 91 women and a few men to celebrate local food from B Corp PAINTBOX CATERING a truly inspiring talk from its CEO Allison Gibson on the incredible impact they have on the local community. As well we had some words from Vicki Saunders, CEO of SheEO | Women Working on the World’s To-Do List. As well we heard from Rebecca Sharp about INTREPID Travel a B Corp based in UK with offices worldwide on how they are supporting and enriching the communities they visit in the most remote places in the world. As we have done in the past we did a “standing” version of the World Cafe to promote dialogue and connections. Lots of great ideas came to life and the one that many like was to understand better the BIA B Impact Assessment by B Lab and do the “sustainability” journey.