B Women Networking in New York (United States)

On December 2nd in New York, 58 women entrepreneurs gathered to hear how Vicki Saunders, CEO of SheEO, is changing the landscape for female entrepreneurs and the B Women agenda 2020.

About SheEO

SheEO is a global community of radically generous women transforming how we fund, support, and celebrate women-led Ventures. The model brings together 500 women (called Activators) in each cohort, who contribute $1100 each as an Act of Radical Generosity. The money is pooled together and loaned out at 0% interest to five women-led Ventures selected by the Activators. The loans are paid back over 5 years and then loaned out again, creating a perpetual fund which we will pass on to our daughters, granddaughters, and nieces.

Since launching in 2015, 4000 SheEO Activators have collectively loaned out $4M in support of 53 Ventures creating a better world. SheEO Ventures are paying back their loans, experiencing triple-digit revenue growth and are aligned with 2+ of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

About B Women / Mujeres B:

We are a global network of women entrepreneurs that advocate for inclusive, regenerative and triple bottom-line economies and collaborate to advance the gender equality and climate action agendas. We raise awareness, network, bi-weekly webinars, promote good sustainability practices and develop collaborative projects among women entrepreneurs. Each year we define goals and evaluate our positive actions based on measurement and business management tools.

About Vicki Saunders

Vicki Saunders is an entrepreneur, award-winning mentor, advisor to the next generation of change-makers and leading advocate for entrepreneurship as a way of creating positive transformation in the world. Prior to founding SheEO and #RadicalGenerosity, Vicki co-founded and ran ventures in Europe, Toronto and Silicon Valley and took a company public on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Vicki was named one of the 100 most influential leaders of 2015 from «EBW – Empowering A Billion Women» and in 2001, Vicki was selected as a Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum.

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Postcards of the meeting

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