Webinar – “What girl is black? Or what boy is white? Actually, we are all brown … just different shades of brown”

In a new edition of #BWomenDialogues online, the videoconference «THINK EQUAL: a Vaccination of Values» was carried out by Leslee Udwin, Founder & CEO of Think Equal, filmmaker and activist; and moderated by Lucia Todd, Social Entrepreneur, Monterrey, México.

THINK EQUAL – 3 levels of tangible, easy to implement, step-by-step teacher guides for ages 3 to 6. Each level of the programme includes 30 original books, associated resources, and 90 lesson plans (3 x half hour lessons per week). These are all given free of charge on condition that the programme is comprehensively and sequentially implemented.

Since January 2017, Think Equal has piloted these in hundreds of schools across 5 continents, reaching over 38,000 children so far. The pilot programmes, evaluated by Think Equal’s partners at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, have proved highly impactful and successful across many diverse countries.

About Leslee Udwin (speaker)

She was voted by the NY Times No. 2 Most Impactful Woman of 2016 (after Hillary Clinton), and winner of the #UNWomen for #PeaceActivistAward, is ensuring positive outcomes for our children with a concrete, replicable, scalable and incredibly inexpensive Social and emotional learning program for 3-6 year old. Her “pre #Metoo” documentary «India’s Daughter» sparked a movement to end violence against women and showed her the root cause of violence so clearly, that it brought her seamlessly to the solution. Her organization is now impacting 38,000 children in just 3 years in 13 countries across 5 continents. The program Think Equal is today in LatAm (Mexico, Colombia & Argentina)

Women entrepreneurs participated in this webinar. This cycle of videoconferences is organized by the B Women movement. A global network of women entrepreneurs that advocate for inclusive, regenerative and triple bottom-line economies that trust in the power of  partnerships and collaborate to advance gender equality and climate change agendas, three of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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