Recording #bwsWEBINAR | How media can challenge gender stereotypes that have been reinforced by the pandemic?

Recording #bwsWEBINAR | How media can challenge gender stereotypes that have been reinforced by the pandemic?

By Yann Borgstedt, Founder of The Womanity Foundation & Rana Askoul, Chief Executive Officer at The Womanity Foundation
June 23rd, 2020

About the topic

How does the media challenge gender stereotypes that have been reinforced by the pandemic? The pandemic brought to the forefront underlying stereotypes that still sit firmly at the root of inequality for women. Once again we witness today the societal expectations around women having to perform primary roles in caregiving for the elderly and / or homeschooling. It is exactly during these times that media can play a central role not only in providing a diverse, balanced and gender sensitive coverage but also a counter-narrative that promotes inclusion. This session will discuss the role of media during the pandemic and Womanity’s efforts in MENA through its disruptive media programs to challenge the status quo.

About the speakers

Yann Borgstedt is a Swiss entrepreneur that founded, a foundation that empowers women’s education and shed’s light to making education matter in developing countries. The Womanity Foundation was founded in 2005 when Yann was inspired to bring hope and light to the world of education. In hopes of a better future for education in developing countries, Womanity was born. As a successful businessman, Yann Borgstedt brought Womanity to life. In order to successful and sustainably grow, society needs collaboration between the social sector and the business world. Together with the Womanity team, Yann is able to connect with knowledgable and creative professionals. The staff embodies one global unit dedicated to improving education in developing countries through the foundation. Advocating for women’s rights, Womanity seeks to improve the lives of girls and women. 

Rana Askoul

Rana Askoul is a development executive, a youth and gender expert and writer with over 15 years of experience in the public, private and non-governmental sectors. In 2012, Rana founded the Changing Pink initiative through which she continues to partner with public, private and non-governmental institutions to provide advisory, consulting and capacity development services to eliminate gender inequalities between men and women in the MENA region. Rana is also Director of Programs for The Womanity Foundation. She is responsible for overseeing the foundation’s portfolio of program globally. As a relentless advocate for social change and narrowing the inequality gap, Rana is a published writer, expert speaker and key contributor to regional and international newspapers and publications. Rana holds an MPA from the University of Liverpool, UK and a BBA from the University of New Brunswick, Canada.


This cycle of videoconferences is organized by the B Women Solutions (BWS) movement. A global network of Changemakers Co-creating a platform for the Caring Economy focusing on Gender and Climate Action.

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