«Introducing the Nardagani Reading Program – A Revolutionary Way to Learn to Read in English and Spanish

Are you tired of traditional reading methods that rely on guessing and memorization? Look no further than the Nardagani Reading Program, designed to eliminate the guesswork involved in reading. The program is comprised of 12 simple symbols, used below letters, that allow the reader to know which sound to make. This innovative approach to reading makes it easy for students to learn and sound out words.

The Nardagani Reading Program is led by CEO Narda Pitkethly, a TEDx speaker and author who is dedicated to expanding the reach of the program and teaching struggling readers the basic skill of reading. With Narda as your facilitator, you will learn through a combination of exercises, games, and reading books coded with the symbols. Students will start by learning a few symbols at a time and memorizing them through the exercises and games. As they progress, they will work on sounding out words and gradually increase their list of sight words.

Say goodbye to the frustration of traditional reading methods and hello to the Nardagani Reading Program, a new and effective way to learn to read in English and Spanish. With Narda’s guidance, you will be on your way to becoming a confident reader in no time. Don’t wait, sign up for the Nardagani Reading Program today and unlock the joy of reading.»