On Women Entrepreneurship Day, we were fortunate to host a webinar featuring two accomplished women entrepreneurs, Laura Giadorou Koch, Founder and CEO of Women 4 Solutions, and Viola Edward, Founder and CEO of GRIT Academy. Both women are dedicated to creating a more inclusive and regenerative world through their work as social activists and philanthropists.

Laura Giadorou Koch, a licensed lawyer in Argentina and New York, has spent three decades promoting microfinance, innovation in education, women’s empowerment and diversity, and climate action as a social entrepreneur. She is also the CEO of Dolium Bodega Subterránea, the first Certified B Corporation winery in Latin America in 2014, and a member of various executive boards.

Moderator Viola Edward, an internationally recognized author and speaker, is a award-winning transcultural psychotherapist, mentoring-coaching and breathing trainer, social entrepreneur, and philanthropist. As a partner and MD of Creative Women, co-creator of BQ-Breath-Intelligence, and committed to creating a sustainable society since 1993. She is also a member of the board of various organizations such as Women 4 Solutions and serves as an ambassador for Human Rights.

During the webinar, Laura and Viola shared their personal experiences and insights as women entrepreneurs, discussing the challenges they have faced and the impact they have been able to create through their businesses and organizations. They also emphasized the importance of diversity, inclusion, and sustainability in creating a more equitable and regenerative world.

The webinar was a powerful reminder of the importance of women’s leadership and the positive impact it can have on our society. We are grateful to Laura and Viola for sharing their wisdom and inspiration with us and for their commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs. We look forward to continuing to support and promote women’s entrepreneurship in creating a more inclusive and sustainable future.