Co-creating awareness on Domestic Violence during COVID19

Interview with UN Women by B Women Solution

Globally, 243 MILLION women and girls aged 15-49 have been subjected to sexual and/or physical violence in the last 12 months, from those “CLOSEST” to them. With COVID-19, this number is dramatically increasing, especially that security, health, and money are challenges that heighten domestic tensions and that globally most people are confined to their homes. 

UN Women and B Women Solutions are aligned in their mission to reduce this number and TAKE ACTION NOW. 

Watch this interview with Kalliopi Mingeirou (Chief, Ending Violence against Women and Girls Section at UN Women) and and be sure to read Recent REPORT & PLEASE share this important report.

“There are positive things happening. But we need more.”

Suggested best practices:

Support Local Organizations working against domestic violence.

  1. Raise awareness of their services availables.
  2. Advocate that these are essential.
  3. Get your company to implement new policies.
  4. Join the Care Economy; prioritise the care or people and planet. 

Becoming a B Women is a simple, practical way to create awareness and positive change through your business.

* Video courtesy of our volunteer storyteller, Jacqui