Grabación #bwsWEBINAR | Impacto Global del Programa 10,000 Mujeres Líderes Emprendedoras

Grabación #bwsWEBINAR | Impacto Global del Programa 10,000 Mujeres Líderes Emprendedoras

19 de Agosto, 2020
Ponentes: Agostina Pechi, Managing Director Head of Emerging Markets and Commodities Local Sales and Latin America Structured Credit Sales at Goldman Sachs y Mónica Bárcena, CEO de ULALIGHT

Sobre el tema

Conversaremos sobre el programa “10.000 Mujeres Líderes Emprendedoras” que surge a partir de los cambios globales en respuesta a COVID-19. En Goldman Sachs entendemos que las empresas de todo el mundo se ven significativamente afectadas. Por ello, queremos que la educación empresarial y las habilidades prácticas ofrecidas en este curso en línea estén disponibles para muchas más mujeres en todo el mundo, de forma gratuita.

Sobre las ponentes

Agostina Pechi

Agostina is head of Latin America Structured Credit Sales and head of Emerging Markets and Commodities Local Sales. She is responsible for marketing cross-assets solutions, derivatives and structured finance in Latin America. She serves as co-head of the Securities Division Women’s Network and is a member of the Managing Director Steering Committee for the Firmwide Hispanic/Latino Network. She joined Goldman Sachs in 2013 as a vice president and was named managing director in 2015. Prior to joining the firm, Agostina worked at Credit Suisse for two years and at Deutsche Bank for five years. She has dedicated herself to mentoring and advancing the career of entrepreneurs and graduates from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women program. Having seen the challenges women face throughout their life, she has mentored students and business owners on managing stress and uncertainty. Agostina serves on the Executive Board of ProjectArt, a nonprofit organization that provides art education to children in the US. Agostina earned a BA in Economics from the Torcuato Di Tella University in 2006. 

Mónica Bárcena

Ulalight designs and manufactures high-quality lights serving hotel, restaurant and residential clients. Monica acquired Ulalight in 2007 and transformed it with new clients and products. Ulalight fosters a collaborative culture to bring about the best of Mexico and it’s ancestral roots through the use of natural materials and the contribution of artisans, designers and creative communities. To know more HERE

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