Description: Is PURPOSE enough? As we aspire to a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive economy, the topic of «purpose» keeps surfacing in corporate and individual ambitions alike. In this provocative discussion with Lorraine Smith, writer and advisor on the regenerative economy, we’ll dive into what purpose really means, and how it can be in genuine service to people and planet. We’ll look at influential players in key industry sectors, ask some tough questions, and put forward ideas for how individual decisions can shift us in the right direction.

B. Lorraine Smith is a writer and an independent consultant. She imagines a future where the economy serves a thriving society within a healthy biosphere. She invests her time in making that idea reality. As a writer, Lorraine shares her ideas through her blog which introduces different people, places and possibilities that are showing signs of that future emerging today. As a consultant, since 2004 she has been working with companies in Brazil, Canada, Europe, the UK, and the US, collaborating with corporate leaders who are keen to shape the next phase of business. Along with working directly with clients, she is also a senior consultant with BuzzWord, an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting and strategy group based in the US. Lorraine is also a member of the Expert Council of the Future-Fit Business Benchmark, an open source tool that quantifies how businesses are contributing to a sustainable future. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Lorraine has lived in Australia, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand and New York City. She currently calls Montreal home where the St. Lawrence River is one of her main mentors. 

Moderator: Eli Ingraham, Impact Advisor and Investor | Systems View of Life | Regenerative Capitalism | Creative and Informal Economies | Human Rights Commish | #OnPurposePodcasts | #Poeisis Khaleesi | BoD: Women4Solutions, The Knowledge Pledge